Synth Detail Page

Clicking a Synth’s row on the Synth history page will open a Synth’s detail page. The page is divided into three different sections, each providing information about the performance of your Synth position.

Synth Position Snapshot Section

This section highlights key information about a synth in real-time such as the ticker and name of the token or cryptocurrency of the Synth, the Synth's unique ID, starting and expiring date. Other information presented include:

  • Notional: This section highlights the amount of token or cryptocurrency that is covered by a Synth and its respective collateral ratio.

    • Collateral ratio is the ratio of the current notional amount to the hedge balance. The collateral ratio changes depending on the overall market pricing trend and can either increase or decrease depending on the price movements concerning Synth's position whether it is a Put or a Call.

  • β€œCrypto”/USD Spot: Highlights the price of a cryptocurrency or token about USD when a Synth position was opened along with its current trading price and percentage increase or decrease from the starting price, and strike price at which trading for a synth position would be activated with respective change in percentage.

  • Performance: Highlights the profit or loss incurred by a Synth position after the strike price has been reached and activated.

    • Total Paid: collateral payments which is a 10% value of the total token or cryptocurrency price.

    • Synth Balance: Approximate refundable amount if a Synth is closed. The actual amount may vary during the time the Synth is fully closed due to market volatility.

    • Profit/Loss: Profit or loss incurred by Synth's position as determined by the market movement about the Synth prediction. When the market in the same direction as that predicted by Synth results in profit, opposite movements result in loss.

Synth Performance Chart

The chart illustrates the relationship between the synth balance to the paid-up collateral, the overall price changes, and the effect of these changes on the profit and loss of a Synth.

Interpreting the Synth Performance Chart

The chart comprises two lines: the Synth (Put or Call) balance line and the total paid line, which is fixed horizontally on the graph.

The upward movement of the Synth balance line above the total paid line indicates that the price movement of a token or cryptocurrency is similar to the predicted Synth position movement hence a Synth has accrued profit. Contrarily, any downward movement of the balance line below the total paid line indicates an opposite movement of the Synth position against the synth prediction, hence a loss. The wider the graph area covered by the balance line from the total paid line, the higher the profit or loss incurred by a Synth position.

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