Synth tab

Synths History

The Synths tab stores information for all Synth positions allowing the user a convenient way to track the performance and status of each Synth, make payments for drafted Synths, and make updates such as closing a Synth position. Synths are presented in table format with each synth having its row that contains a unique ID, Notional Amount, estimated total, status, strike price, and maturity. The arrow at the end of the row will lead the user to the Synth details page. The latest Synth will appear at the top of the page.

Synth Filters

Synths can be filtered and sorted based on the type of Synth, underlying token, and status of the respective Synth.

  • Filtering by Synths: Allows the user to filter synth positions based on the trading strategy which are Puts and Calls.

  • Filtering by Token: Allows the user to filter Synth based on its underlying token or cryptocurrency. Users can use this option to view synths based on BTC, ETH, and AVAX tokens.

  • Filtering by Status: The user can also filter a Synth based on the statuses available.

    • Draft: Synth positions that are unpaid or unfunded.

    • Active: Synth positions that the user has been paid for or funded.

    • Closed: Synth positions that have been closed by the user or automatically closed due to maturity.

    • Expired: Draft Synths that have arrived at their maturity date. The only option for this draft is to delete it.

    • Need Top-up: Active Synth positions that require an action from the user to avoid halving (to make a payment and maintain collateral).

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