Leaderboard section

The leaderboard page highlights the points each wallet has accrued based on their respective Synths positions. Wallets are arranged in an ascending order, with the highest points and notional hedged amounts on top.

The leaderboard also highlights the total notional amount, indicating the total transaction value for Umoja for Synth Puts and Synth Calls. This is important as it reflects our community's growth over time.

The table is equipped with a search feature that can be used to find any wallet to view the notional transaction values and points accrued for every Synth position engaged by the wallet. Use the find me button to find your spot on the leaderboard quickly.

How Points are Rewarded?

Points are rewarded based on two main factors, total notional value and Synth active duration.

Total Notional Value

The Majority of points, nearly 90% of the total, are rewarded based on the total amount spent by the user on Umoja Synths. All Umoja Synths, irrespective of the underlying token and Synth position, whether a Put or Call, accrue points based on the sum notional value spent on the protocol by the user.

Synth Active Duration

Points are accrued when a Synth position is active for a long duration. This is also dependent on the notional amount value of the respective Synth, therefore, users with Synths that have higher notional value and longer duration have a higher chance of earning extra points unlike when a synth is active for a short duration.

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