Tokens Table

The tokens table and the respective rows for each token are clickable and hyperlinked to all token details pages containing information about the token or cryptocurrency and its overall market analysis. This is also possible through clicking the Details button.

  1. Token: Displays the symbol, name, and trading ticker sign for various tokens and cryptos supported by Umoja.

  2. Risk Score: Risk Score provides data-driven recommendations on placing a Synthetic Put or Call with the specific cryptocurrency based on automated market analysis. This score spans a spectrum from 0 to 100. A score higher than 64 indicates a need for placing a Put. Conversely, a score at the lower end implies a higher need to leverage our Call Synthetic Option to maximize potential gains.

  3. Recommendation: Translates the risk score and provides recommendations on placing a Put or a Call Option based on the Risk Score as informed by sophisticated market analysis.

  4. Price: Current market trading of the cryptocurrency or token.

  5. Change: Average token or cryptocurrency price change for the last 24 hours.

  6. Market Cap: Market capitalization shows how much a cryptocurrency or token is worth as determined by the total market value of all tokens and cryptocurrency in circulation.

  7. Volume: Volume is the number of tokens traded within 24 hours.

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