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The first globally accessible and censorship resistant smart money protocol for democratizing access to wealth creation.

'Smart Money' can provides risk-resistant and yield-bearing assets automatically responsive to market volatility. By doing so, Umoja is democratizing Tier I wealth management by making complex trading strategies composable, accessible, and as simple as buying a token.

Why is Wealth Concentrated in the 0.1%?

The highest wealth rung controls $208.3 trillion in wealth or 45.8% of the global total. Just 1.1% of the world's adult population falls in this bracket.

The extreme concentration of wealth in the Top 1% is chiefly due to their access to elite wealth management services and political might, availing them of strategies unavailable to the rest of the market. These services optimize:

  1. tax strategies

  2. provide entry to exclusive investments, and

  3. ensure generational wealth transfer

effectively creating a feedback loop of wealth accumulation and preservation that is largely inaccessible to the broader population.

Consequently, the elite can navigate market volatility and optimize yields, often without fully grasping the tactics employed by their asset managers.

Why doesn't this exist for everyone else? Where everyone's money can make money without instruction?

Why Smart Money Can Be the Most Important Asset Class for Democratized Wealth Creation

DeFi remains predominantly manual, with strategies like Uniswap LP APY, collateral debt position liquidation, cross-exchange arbitrage, leveraged staking, and derivatives trading being as exclusive as traditional finance's wealth management services. These strategies harbor the most lucrative opportunities in DeFi, yet they remain out of reach for the majority.

Effectively, WAGMI ("We All Gone Make It") is bullshit.

Asset management protocols, such as Yearn Finance and dHedge, serve different roles within the DeFi ecosystem, but neither is the solution for democratizing wealth creation and automating DeFi. Both function to give strategy-specific, limited liquidity exposure, to only yield-focused strategies for an extremely limited set of assets.

What's missing is:

  • Composability. The ability to be easily composed into new assets.

  • Liquidity. Underlying liquidity to opt out or in at any time.

  • Breadth. The ability to support many token markets in parallel.

  • Market Volatility Resistance. The ability to minimize inherent risks native to traditional financial instruments, the market, and the strategy itself.

Smart Money streamlines wealth management by distilling intricate trading strategies into components that can be combined with different assets, like BTC and ETH. Simply by acquiring a token, users gain access to advanced financial strategies, leveling the playing field with the wealthy. These tokens could transform the accessibility of wealth-building tools, offering unparalleled opportunities for financial growth.

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