✨Umoja Protocol Overview

The world's first 'smart money' protocol.

Umoja does NOT sell crypto Options, nor is it an options exchange. Umoja provides access to 'Synths,' or automated investment strategies that are collateralized with crypto assets. Some of these strategies replicate crypto Options via underlying Perpetual Futures trading.


Umoja is a DeFi protocol that simplifies the creation of structured financial products, aiming to eliminate financial literacy as a barrier to global fiscal wellness by automating money itself. To accomplish this, Umoja tokenizes asset management strategies, called "Synths." Synths can be used to automate financial strategies for end-users, or to construct new, hyper-competitive assets.

For example, an ETH call-option Synth can be incorporated into an ERC-20 smart contract alongside stETH, ensuring that stETH's accrued yield is consistently reinvested into the ETH call-option Synth. This strategy aims to amplify its returns during an ETH bull market. This innovative token, referred to as 'boosted stETH' or bstETH, could offer higher returns than its native stETH while maintaining the same liquidity level.

Other examples of novel financial products Umoja could easily create include, but are not limited to:

  • high-yield synthetic dollars;

  • hedged assets with limited risk;

  • assets with enhanced potential returns, and;

  • specialized DeFi hedges, including Uniswap LP hedges.

Umoja seeks to usher in the single greatest democratization of wealth-creating tools in human history, by making automated asset management not only possible but as simple as buying a token.

Launch Features

On V1 release, users will be able to:

  • Synth Composability. Tokenized Synths can be composed to create new or upgrade existing digital assets via the protocol's API.

  • Zero Liquidation Synths. Ability to create Synths (i.e., replicated short and long positions) for BTC, ETH, and a variety of other cryptos– without the fear of liquidation, but way more affordable, flexible, and simple than any traditional crypto Option.

  • 20x Leverage. All V1 Synths will have 20x leverage embedded within their trading strategies and require 1/10th collateral of the notional position.

  • Staking. Users will be able to stake USDC to the Insurance Pool to help the protocol minimize risk and stake $UMJA, the protocol's governance protocol, to the Governance Pool for an APY.

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