The following details the tokenomics of the Umoja protocol, which will be fully deployed upon Protocol V1 launch in Q2 FY24.

Token Overview

  • Token Name: Umoja (UMJA)

  • Market. Defi, Composable Asset Management

  • Problem. Wealth creation is hindered by high asset management fees and widespread lack of financial literacy, effectively barring nearly 8 billion people from enhancing their financial wellbeing.

Token Details

  • Max Token Supply. 1,000,000,000

  • Monetary Policy. Fixed Supply

  • Public Token Distribution: 50M Token Airdrop + 150M in Staking Rewards

  • Token Native Chain: Arbitrum

  • Initially Supported Networks: Arbitrum & Avalanche

Vesting & Inflation

  • Vesting Schedules.

    • Platform: Unvest will be used to manage token vesting for core team members, investors, and advisors.

    • Core Team Members. 12-month vesting period with a 36 month linear unlock. Vesting is back-dated to when the team member joined Umoja Labs, Umoja's core developer entity.

    • Investors and Advisors. Investor unlock period of 12 months with linear vesting starting at the token generation event (TGE). Investments are 1:1 between the SAFE and token warrant. Investors may stake 20% of their tokens as they are unlocking capital.

  • Inflation Schedule. You may find here (iterating until TGE)

Token Utility

  • Governance. Vetokenomics by staking UMJA w/ either uUSD (Staked USDC in Insurance Pool) in an 80/20 ratio

  • Insurance. Staking USDC to the Insurance Pool defend protocol from Black Swan and smart contract exploit events.

  • Discounted Hedging. Holding UMJA will reduce the hedging premium for hedgers.

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