Supply & Demand Dynamics

Token Supply

Umoja has a fixed 1 billion token supply.

Token Utility

UtilityDescription Effect


One may not govern the Umoja protocol without staking UMJA and uUSD in a 80/20 ratio. In return, they receive an accrued veUMJA to access governance capabilities, as well as UMJA rewards.

Deflation, Participation


Stakers are incentivized to stake USD into the Insurance Pool to fortify the protocol against Black Swan events. In return, they are provided with uUSD, which earns them a proportion of protocol revenues, and can further boost their APY by re-staking their uUSD to the Governance Pool.

Deflation, Participation


Holding UMJA and/or veUMJA will reduce Synth protocol fees for protocol users. The fee discount is based on the number of UMJA tokens the wallet is holding when executing the hedge. The maximum discount for holding UMJA is a 50% for holding 100k UMJA tokens. The maximum discount for holding veUMJA is a 75% discount for holding 20k veUMJA tokens.

Deflation, Participation

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