Security is the most important focus

At Umoja, ensuring the security of our smart contracts is crucial. We achieve this through thorough audits that detect vulnerabilities, logical mistakes, or inefficiencies. Conducted by specialists, these in-depth audits enhance our defenses and aim to build trust in our platform.

Approach to Audits

Umoja has undertaken a multi-phased audit program to ensure the highest level of security on the procotol.

  • Phase 1: Facilitate robust tokenomic design to develop the initial protocol architecture (20+ iterations)

  • Phase 2: Undergo economic analysis with third-party economic experts (Finteam), who have designed and simulated dozens of protocols in Web3

  • Phase 3: Re-architect the protocol based on economic vulnerabilities identified within the protocol simulation phase and simplify the tokenomic design to ensure that (1) provides a strong value proposition at market and (2) strong game theory incentives are aligned between stakeholders.

  • Phase 4: Facilitate third party audit, identify findings, and internally resolve findings for a final audit report

  • Phase 5: Facilitate public audit with Code4rena

We are also planning to assess Umoja V1 economic and financial risk audit by Chaos Labs prior to launch.


Quantstamp Audit on Version Alpha contracts

Attached is the audit report by Quantstamp completed on 26 Sept. 2023. No critical or high level issues were identified within the final report. Note, that this audit was performed on the base smart contracts that became core contracts within Umoja's Alpha build, as we originally pivoted from a credit marketplace (fun fact).

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