Value System

Progressive decentralization until democratized wealth creation.

The Umoja protocol carries an ethos of progressive decentralization, where governance of the protocol is gradually decentralized as the security and community management mechanisms are put in place to adequately ensure the sustained prosperity of the protocol and its community.

Progressive Decentralization Roadmap

Umoja will progress through the following stages:

  • Stage I - Alpha/Beta β†’ Centralized.

  • Stage II - V1 β†’ Permissioned.

  • Stage III - V2+ β†’ Permissionless.

You may reference our development roadmap to learn more. Additionally, you may find more information about Umoja’s token system below:

Token NameTickerDescription

Umoja Token


The protocol’s native token that is (1) required for governance, (2) required to protect the protocol from bear swan events, and (3) provides holders with protocol fee discounts.

Staker Yield Bearing USDC


USDC that is staked into the Insurance Pool. In exchange, Stakers receive uUSD, which provides them a proportion of the protocol’s revenue for staking.

Voting UMJA Token


veUMJA is a token that Stakers receive for staking UMJA w/ uUSD into the Governance Pool. In exchange, veUMJA token holders accrue more veUMJA as long as they are staked, and earn UMJA token rewards and proportional protocol revenues as well.



Tokenized asset management strategies

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